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  • Caramelised pistachios

    Caramelised pistachios

    Pistachio: Pistacia era

    The pistachio tree is a slowing growing shrub that reaches up 3 to 8 meters tall. It grows in scrublands and especially in maquis with Mediterranean climate. The tree is also called Aleppo pistachio. It is native from the Middle East. The shell of the pistachio naturally opens when it reaches maturity.

    Cultivated and consumed for millennia, pistachio nut is a greenish seed. Although it is mainly eaten salted as an aperitif, pistachio nut can be incorporated in sauces, stuffing, terrines, pâtés, ice creams and pastries.

    We caramelise pistachio nuts in chopped or whole. Coated with a delicious layer of caramel, pistachio becomes even tastier without losing its natural sweetness.